Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Night of Honky Tonk Angels III POSTER!

Night Of HonkyTonk Angels III is VERY excited to have Robert Ullman designing the poster this year! He's right here in Richmond and his work is nationally published. Go check his blog, Atom-Bomb Bikini to check out some of his prior work (you'll soon figure out he's a BIG sports fan) and an excellent addition to the Night Of HonkyTonk Angel family!

Go HERE for the blog

Go HERE for his website

Rob has given us a sneak peek of a few ideas and we believe you're gonna like it!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Third Times a Charm!

We're starting to make plans for Night Of Honky Tonk Angels III! Believe us when we say it takes that long to make sure we can put on the best show possible. We've started a new Facebook page, are gathering more support, talking with local and regional bands to make this Night Of Honky Tonk Angels the best on yet!

We take great pride in the fact that 100% of ticket sales and raffles goes DIRECTLY to the Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation (VBCF). All of us who work towards organizing and promoting this event do so on a volunteer basis. We work directly with VBCF staff and volunteers to make it something we are all proud to present to you.

We encourage you to visit the VBCF website http://www.vbcf.org/ to learn more about all they do in the fight against breast cancer.

Keep an eye on this blog for more information on our sponsors, the bands performing at Night Of Honky Tonk Angels and when advance sale tickets are available.