Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Southern Culture on the Skids

We like them. They will be playing at Capital Ale House on Oct 5th. Come down and have some fun.
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Friday, June 1, 2012

Need A Bite To Eat?

Night Of HonkyTonk Angels is making sure all of your bases are covered...Sunday morning, you're gonna want to get a bite to eat after dancing the evening away! Our good friends at Bandito's Burrito Lounge are giving 25% off Brunch Sunday morning for those with their wristbands from Night Of HonkyTonk Angels! Their brunch is one the best in the RVA and you'll NEED a good meal on Sunday morning....See You There!

Thursday, May 31, 2012


We're doing something new this year at Night Of HonkyTonk Angels...thanks to the generosity of the fine folks at Republic National Distributing Company, (local representative of Evan Williams) you can have a Night Of HonkyTonk Angels souvenir Mason jar mug! A full 12 fluid ounces Mason jar mug embossed with the Night Of HonkyTonk Angels logo on one side and the Evan Williams logo on the other. Just $5.00 a piece with 100% of the proceeds going to the Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation. These are ONLY available this Saturday night at the Night Of HonkyTonk Angels at the Canal Club!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Meet The Bands!

We have a GREAT line-up for Saturday...Starting the show will be Richmonds own Tammi Kamin Band blending a variety of sweet and savory styles including pop, classic country and original music. This is their first appearance at Night Of HonkyTonk Angels and they're putting together a special show for the night!

Appearing for the first time at Night Of HonkyTonk Angels is April Mae and the Junebugs from Moorestown NJ. They are Americana under the influence of Jump Blues, Swing, & Rockabilly...Ba - ba - ba - Boogie! With a dab of N’awlins for extra spice! Smoke & honey vocals, Cigar Box Guitar, Upright Bass, Banjo, Washboard...servin’ up high energy & deep vintage vibes is their specialty.

Returning for the third consecutive year is Gina Dalmas & The Cow-Tipping Playboys, Honky Tonk Country Rock Americana from Norfolk. They are the winners of the 2009 Portfolio Music Award for Best Americana Music , 2009 Meona Award for Best New Alt-Country Artist, and the 2011 Veer Magazine Award for best Country Artist. Known to pack a house and keep the crowd on their feet, Gina Dalmas and her Cow Tippin’ Playboys draw from the roots of american music, playing songs that will keep your foot stomping and just maybe bring a tear to your eye. In a good way.

The Molly Conley Band is Southern Style Psychedelic Pure Stone Country! Molly spent 15+ years as singer & songwriter in the honky tonk/rock band, Porter Hall Tennessee. In July 2011, the band called it quits. Molly is currently writing songs in anticipation of recording & releasing a new solo record with her new band, The Molly Conley Band! MCB is TCB... 

Emma, Su, Jackie and Jen are The Ones To Blame. These four ladies from Gainesville Florida bring a new take on traditional Country. The subjects of their songs are all familiar to Country music fans...heartache, drinking and love gone wrong, but these ladies aren’t going to just cry in their beer and take it lying down. As the lyrics of their song says, "They don’t feel no shame at all, call them The Ones To Blame.


Last year Andrea Vaughan jumped in at the last minute and really helped us out! Her brother, Andy Vaughan is well known through Richmond and he and his band, The Driveline were just voted "2012 Best Country Band In Richmond" by the readers of Style Magazine. Andrea doesn't come out often, prefering to work with her brother behind the scenes. When she does get dragged out, her performances are electrifying and Night Of HonkyTonk Angels is excited she'll be performing again!

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Saturday, May 26, 2012


Hello everyone! Words don't do justice to how excited we are that Night Of HonkyTonk Angels is JUST ONE WEEK AWAY! It's going to be a GREAT night of music, dancing and fun, all to benefit Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation. Thanks to our sponsor Lifecare Medical Transports, Inc., 100% of ticket sales goes DIRECTLY to VBCF! We'd also like to thank our other generous sponsors, Omni Hotel Richmond and Republic National Distributing Company as well. We really appreciate the AMAZING posters design by local Richmond artist Rob Ullman. Go check out more of his work at Atom-Bomb Bikini

We'll be having raffle drawings throughout the evening. We've received some GREAT prizes already from Buttercup Clothing and the GREAT band Southern Culture On The Skids just to name two. If you'd like to make a contribution of a raffle prize, we are still accepting goods and services and tax deductible too!

We'll be posting daily until Saturday, providing more information on the event and to find out more about the bands scheduled to appear!

Tell a friend!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Wear It Proudly! Night Of HonkyTonk Angels Tee's!

Did you know you can purchase a fashionable "Night Of HonkyTonk Angels" tee shirt? It's unique design is EXCLUSIVE to our event and can only be purchased through the Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation!

The shirts are available in Womens sizes in Pink, White and Men's size in Black. They're only $15.00 a piece with ALL proceeds going DIRECTLY to Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation!

Click HERE to purchase the shirts and order your advance ticket for Night Of HonkyTonk Angels too! 

We'd also like to thank Ginger from 422 Studio for the pictures! She and her studio are big supporters of this event and the Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation!

Friday, May 4, 2012

We at Night Of HonkyTonk Angels would like to thank Southern Culture On The Skids for their generous donation to our raffle! They have donated two CD's, a reissue of their first release "Too Much Pork For Just One Fork" and  the extended reissue of "Zombified", both signed by Rick, Mary & Dave! They have also donated some Southern Culture On The Skids tee's as well! Their busy tour schedule prevents them from attending but they are all big supporters of Night Of HonkyTonk Angels and the fight against breast cancer. If you aren't familiar with their music, go check them out and I will GUARANTEE you will be a fan!

If you or your business would like to donate a raffle prize for Night Of HonkyTonk Angels, click HERE for all the information!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Keeping it local....

Here is a very interesting article written by breast cancer survivor Gayle Sulik,

"I didn't know then what I know now"

We at Night of HonkyTonk Angels support and believe in all organizations fighting breast cancer, but it was VERY important to us that we should work locally and support locally and that is why the Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation was our choice. We knew we'd be helping our neighbors, our sisters, aunts, mothers and grandmothers. We also believe local, grass-roots organizations do the greatest and most tangible good for those we know and love.

We'll never ask you to walk or run for the cure....but there is a good chance we'll ask you to dance....

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Do YOU want to be a part of Night Of HonkyTonk Angels III ???

Would you like the opportunity to be a part of Night Of HonkyTonk Angels III? There are ways you can include your business, organization or even yourself. We are currently accepting ads for the souvenir brouchure and donations for raffle prizes. Listed below is all the information to be a part! • To purchase ad space visit: • You can also pay by check, make payable to VBCF and put “NOHTA Ad” in the memo field. Mail to VBCF at 5004 Monument Avenue, Suite 102, Richmond, VA 23230. • Email high resolution artwork to • Deadline for Ad Submissions is Monday, May 21! Ad Sizes & Pricing: Full Page: 8” x 5” - $100, Half Page: 4” x 5” - $50, Quarter Page: 4” x 2.5” - $25. Join us for A Night of Honky Tonk Angels III • Tickets are $15 in advance/$20 at the door • Advance tickets can be purchased at Additional Opportunities: • Sponsorship Opportunities are available. We are also accepting item donations for our raffles. • Contact Dirk Laguna at for details. Contributions and sponsorships are tax-deductible as Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Letters of receipt will be provided for monetary and gift certificate contributions at face value, letters of receipt for merchandise donations will be given for the agreed value of the merchandise.

Monday, April 23, 2012


Here it is folks! The Official "Night Of HonkyTonk Angels III" poster! Thanks to Rob Ullman at Atom-Bomb Bikini for the GREAT design! Don't forget to get your advance tickets HERE for only $15 with 100% of ticket sales going DIRECTLY to the Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation! Share this with your friends and we'll see you at The Canal Club on Saturday, June 2nd!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Happy Birthday to one of the ORIGINAL HonkyTonk Angels...

She's A HonkyTonk Girl Today is Loretta Lynn's birthday. She is one of the ORIGINAL HonkyTonk Angels and her impact on Country music can't be measured. There is NO Female singer in Country music and beyond who doesn't owe her a HUGE debt. Her songs like "The Pill" and "Don't Come Home a-Drinkin'" gave voice to millions of women and shook Music Row in ways it had never seen.....Happy Birthday to the Coal Miners Daughter, the eternally beautiful Van Lear Rose

Friday, April 13, 2012

Buy your advance tickets NOW!

Click on the the link, to purchase you tickets for Night Of HonkyTonk Angels III for $15 each, $5 less than the door price...and buying them through the website insures 100% goes DIRECTLY to the Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation. You can also purchase a stylish Night Of HonkyTonk Angels tee shirt (mens in black, ladies in white or pink), donate for an advertisement in the concert program or donate a raffle prize! All the information you'll need is there, June 2nd will be here before you know!

Walk, Run.....or Dance!

We support ALL events to raise money and awareness for the fight against breast cancer....but what makes Night Of HonkyTonk Angels special is you aren't required to "walk" or "run" to show can dance to great music if you'd like, and that is certainly encouraged! You can even enjoy a fine beverage of your choosing while doing so! Seems a lot more fun than just walking or, moreso, running.....

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The OFFICIAL Facebook invite page!

Hey everyone, check out the OFFICIAL Facebook Invite HERE to go to the event and invite all your friends!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Susan G. Komen & Planned Parenthood

We here at Night Of HonkyTonk Angels III are quite sure all have at least heard about the recent controversy regarding Susan G. Komen and Planned Parenthood. There are very passionate opinions from the Pro-Choice and the Pro-Life supporters and we respect the right for all people to express their views.

Our focus will remain to do our best to present a great night of live, original music by local and regional best female roots-music artists and bringing out great local businesses to showcase their goods and services through donations and prizes. We do this to assist local women fighting breast cancer with the assistance of the Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation.

By supporting Night Of HonkyTonk Angels, 100% of ticket sales and raffle prizes goes DIRECTLY to the Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation.  

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Night of Honky Tonk Angels III POSTER!

Night Of HonkyTonk Angels III is VERY excited to have Robert Ullman designing the poster this year! He's right here in Richmond and his work is nationally published. Go check his blog, Atom-Bomb Bikini to check out some of his prior work (you'll soon figure out he's a BIG sports fan) and an excellent addition to the Night Of HonkyTonk Angel family!

Go HERE for the blog

Go HERE for his website

Rob has given us a sneak peek of a few ideas and we believe you're gonna like it!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Third Times a Charm!

We're starting to make plans for Night Of Honky Tonk Angels III! Believe us when we say it takes that long to make sure we can put on the best show possible. We've started a new Facebook page, are gathering more support, talking with local and regional bands to make this Night Of Honky Tonk Angels the best on yet!

We take great pride in the fact that 100% of ticket sales and raffles goes DIRECTLY to the Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation (VBCF). All of us who work towards organizing and promoting this event do so on a volunteer basis. We work directly with VBCF staff and volunteers to make it something we are all proud to present to you.

We encourage you to visit the VBCF website to learn more about all they do in the fight against breast cancer.

Keep an eye on this blog for more information on our sponsors, the bands performing at Night Of Honky Tonk Angels and when advance sale tickets are available.